Ho’oponopono: our kids are our greatest teachers….sigh…

“Our kids can be our greatest teachers”, who said that initially? Not sure, probably a parent who was going through something with her child I can only imagine. Our kids teach us patience, in a BIG way. You know that kind that makes you want to take deep breaths and you sigh a lot too. Yup, that kind. Just those situations where you feel they should be listening to you, and it could escalate into something else…..yes you get my drift. Well I just wanted to share my story with you (one of the stories that is), just so it can help maybe give some other parent out there relief knowing they aren’t the only one (it can be a lonely job) ;-).

I picked the kids from school (my son and two nephews), for some reason usually hunger they are grumpy after school. Today my son was being rude to his cousins, angry, frustrated etc…..So you can just imagine the scene in the car, arguing going on, accusing going on, between them. I just kept being assertive and saying I don’t appreciate this behaviour, explaining how we are all one (that hardly goes down well when they are arguing). Then keeping silent, with my mantra going on “thank you and I love you” in my head, constantly….still the same with what was going on. Thinking to myself, ok this is not for expecting any change, but just so I feel peaceful and send out the vibes to them.
We got home and my son was still not himself. He came up to me and said I need comfort etc, so I hugged him. Then he went on to tell me how he had been betrayed by a friend at school. So I said let’s do some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on it. He refused and started telling me how EFT doesn’t work, how can tapping on a point work, etc. So I said to him that it is his choice and I respect it, but sighing to myself….hehe (funny now). I said to him well maybe you can use Heba’s stuff (that’s what he calls it), and he said no that doesn’t work either. At this point I am taking deep breaths, and using the mantra, saying to him I respect him for choosing either way…(with maintaining my inner center……sighing helped)… ;-D
Eventually he just sat there, and calmed down, and I gave him a long hug, and started tapping on his back. Bless him, he fell asleep that way, (he has always fallen asleep when I tap on him), and woke up later just moving onto something else, all calm…. He then came up to me and said thank you (melting of the heart moment for me of course…) 🙂
I tap a deep breath, and sigh, and feel like I have been through a marathon, and have made it to the end! Continuing saying thank you and I love you. 😀

Food for thought: when our kids come to us with issues, maybe we are the ones that need to say “thank you and I love you”. Sprinkling of Heba’s fairy dust helps too. Here’s to our beautiful children, our greatest gifts. ;-D

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