Fun with Heba

Watch this space, as Heba will be coming up with some magical stuff here, for kids to have fun with and learn at the same time (shhhh…….don’t tell them that bit)! 😀

But in the meantime here are some great videos, by the wonderful Brad Yates, want to have some fun with tapping and Tappy Bear too? Here you are have fun with it! Make sure to have permission from mum and dad before you do any of these videos.

You are smart, you are great, and you are a genius (Heba says this too by the way, so join in with this tapping to feel GRRRREEEAAATTTTT!!!!! 😀

What if you are scared of going to the dentist or doctor, or a test you have to take, it is ok to feel that way some times but tap along here, and you will feel GRRREEATTT again, try it…..

What if you are feeling sad……, it maybe feeling a bit rough, as something happened, you have a right to feel sad, but when you are ready to feel better, you can tap along here, as there is some buried happiness there somewhere, kind of like a treasure to discover. 😉

Want to have a great game and have lots of fun, whatever you are playing? Well here we go, tap along to have a great game as you are awesome! 😀

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