Is your son or daughter being bullied?

Do you feel guilty as a mum or dad, not being able to help your son or daughter?

Would you like to see your son or daughter happy no matter what they have to face?

As a mum or dad, would it make you happy to know you could help them by giving them the power to face anything in life?

Imagine a fun and effective tool, that would allow for this to happen, allowing to open up communication with your child, on a whole new level, that hadn’t been possible before. Also teaching them the power of kindness and love.

Heba, a Hawaiian fairy, takes you and your son or daughter through a magical journey teaching Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian healing technique, giving your son or daughter the ability to recognise how powerful he or she is and opens up possibilities for healing on SO many levels.

Every child is here to shine!

“An important book that will help children to learn how changing their thinking can heal their lives. ”
Dr David R Hamilton Hay House author of “Your Mind Can Heal Your Body”, “Why Kindness is Good for You”


Listen here to my radio interview about the book:

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Shine On!

What kid’s think – honest opinion 🙂


Want to see the pictures in the book…enjoy the music too 🙂



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